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Harlen ft Karina Brown

Two-time world cup winner and NRLW star, Karina Brown, has teamed up with Aria-nominated Vocalist Harlen, to create new single ‘She’s Got Confidence’ (SGC) in which the duo draw parallels between their experiences as women in sport and music.

SGC speaks to present-day female role models and acknowledges the courage it takes to pave the path of opportunity with lyrics “one by one, we're getting it done”

SGC has been adopted by as well as the league’s biggest female stars, who aim to inspire the next generation of women. The story featured on 7 News & Sunrise! Check it out!

SGC is the debut dance track for multi-dimensional musician Harlen, featuring co-production by First Nations artist The Boy Of Many Colors, and is also Karina Brown’s debut into the music industry.

“I feel like I’ve done a lot for the women’s game but this is by far the biggest and best thing... I’m excited for this song to inspire a new era of young kids keen to shatter those glass ceilings in whatever path they dream to follow.” - Karina Brown

"She's Got Confidence" will debut on V1 RADIO this Thursday night from 7:00pm AEDT, make sure you tune in to check it out! For more details go to

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